I’m the creator of the Encrypted Token Pattern and ARMOR, its .NET implementation.

I specialise in taking apart problems, designing solutions, and providing those solutions as downloadable software frameworks, available under the MIT License.

I’m a Software Architect, happiest when designing solutions to problems from a conceptual point-of-view, while getting my hands dirty assembling the nuts and bolts. For that reason, I try to avoid titles; if I had to brand myself, I’m a Technology Consultant.

I’m most accomplished in C# in terms of language, however I’m also very proficient in JavaScript, Java, and Google Go.

I’m a software-development mentor, and enjoy guiding teams of engineers toward effective technology-driven solutions to real-world problems.


Visual Studio Magazine: Protect ASP.NET Applications Against CSRF Attacks
Visual Studio Magazine: Deploying Microservices Architecture with C#, Part 1
Visual Studio Magazine: Deploying Microservices Architecture with C#, Part 2

Speaking Engagements

.NET Rocks! – TDD on .NET and Java with Paul Mooney
My interview with John Sonmez on SimpleProgrammer.com
.NET Rocks! – Microservice Design with Paul Mooney
Dublin Microservices Group – Beginning Microservices with .NET & RabbitMQ


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